Patterns of Praise

The Patterns of Praise Conference has been designed to highlight the value and importance of daily prayer, specifically in a manner that connects us with the God of Israel and the Jewish people through the daily prayers. Just as we celebrate the Sabbath and the Holy Days, the daily times of prayer should also be anticipated and have full participation among the followers of Yeshua. 

Learn the value of the siddur (the Jewish prayer book) and why liturgical prayer is not the “vain repetition” that many believe it to be. Learn how the prayers from the siddur have a divine origin within the services of the Holy Temple. Discover how our prayers correspond to the tamid (continual / daily) offerings of the Holy Temple and how they are connected with the prayers of Yeshua and his disciples. Uncover hidden details about the prayer lives of Yeshua, the Apostles and their disciples. Be encouraged to regularly engage in both private and corporate prayer, incorporating the liturgy of the siddur into your daily life. 


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