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Why Dust of the Master?

There is a saying in Pirkei Avot, a minor tractate of the Mishnah which relates our meaning:

Yosi ben Yoezer of Tzeredah said: Let your house be a meetinghouse for the sages and sit amid the dust of their feet and drink in their words with thirst. (Avot 4:1)

In order to understand Jesus, we first need to realize he was a Jewish rabbi who taught alongside the sages of Israel. He was definitely more than a rabbi, but we need to understand his connection to the historic teachings of Israel in order to properly understand his message to us. The purpose of these teachings is to help us better understand the life, ministry and teachings of our Master, Yeshua in order that we may imitate him more fully. We want to follow so closely to our Rabbi (Yeshua) that we can't help but be covered in his dust. We hope this is your desire as well. As we study his life and teachings together, may the dust of our Master will begin to cover you from head to foot. May these teachings be for a blessing. 

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