What about the Sacrifices, Book

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What about the Sacrifices, Book


A Messianic Perspective on Messiah and the Purpose of the Levitical Sacrifices


The biblical education of Jewish children begins with Leviticus, a book largely about the sacrificial system. The animal sacrifices, however, are especially repugnant to modern Christians who see them as a temporary provision until Messiah’s final atonement for sin. The Torah prescribes a variety of sacrifices, and less than half of these are for sin. Since Yeshua did not abrogate the Torah, neither did he cancel the sacrifices and offerings. By studying the sacrifices we gain insight into God’s instructions for approaching him in worship, and a better understanding of Yeshua’s work on our behalf.


  1. Why do Jewish children begin their study of the Bible with Leviticus?
  2. What is it about animal sacrifices that disturbs western Christians?
  3. Besides animals, what are some other biblical sacrifices?
  4. Why do Jews not offer sacrifices today?
  5. Discuss: It is an oversimplification to say that Yeshua fulfills the sacrifices.


  • Introduction: Why Study the Sacrifices?
  • What Are the Sacrifices?
  • Sacrificial Basics
  • Other Sacrifices
  • Three Difficulties with Cancelling the Sacrifices
  • Two Different Priesthoods
  • The Heavenly Temple
  • The Symbolic Meaning of the Tabernacle
  • The Lamb that Was Slain
  • Conclusion

Get ready to relearn everything you thought you knew about the sacrifices. What about the Sacrifices? unpacks apostolic teaching about the Temple, the sacrificial system, and their place in the New Covenant. Lancaster also answers anti-Missionary objections about the crucifixion and the sacrifice of Messiah from a traditional Jewish perspective.

A whole new approach to understanding the Temple system!