Tefillot Tamid Siddur

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Tefillot Tamid Siddur


“When you pray the siddur, you're praying the services that were initially given by God through His Spirit.” -Joe Good

To pray is to touch the face of Heaven.

Prayer is a divine privilege extended to all humanity. We have been given the right to enter into the presence of the God of the Universe — the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But when we approach an awesome God, what words do we bring as our offering? What praises and exultations do we offer? How do we approach Him with our deepest feelings and our most urgent needs?

The Tefillot Tamid siddur is designed as a tool for those who are beginning their journey into Messianic Jewish prayer. We have specifically created this abbreviated, introductory siddur for those who desire to begin a life of prayer, but need a place to start. This siddur is designed to be used for Shacharit (morning) and Mincha (afternoon) prayers during weekdays. The Tefillot Tamid siddur is designed to help one become familiar with the core prayers of the set times of daily prayer.

It is not only our duty, but also our privilege to enter daily into the Divine Presence. Through this constant interaction, our souls are tethered to the Holy One of Israel. Through these continual, daily appointments, our souls are fed and our spirits are revived. Just as a person would not consider going days without food, we should also consider it equally damaging to go days without prayer to nourish our souls. Our prayer for you is that your prayers ascend to the Throne of Heaven, and that you are transformed in the process.