Speaking Tour + Booklet Release

Please forgive me! I started this post last Friday morning, but failed to publish it! Here it is…

This coming week begins a new adventure for us in a few different ways. First, my family and I will be traveling throughout the Southeast (Mississippi, Florida, Alabama & Georgia) sharing the message of discipleship with churches, messianic congregations, home groups and individuals. It will be a short trip, but one which we believe will be fruitful. We look forward to meeting to people, making new friends and sharing the message of discipleship.

The second exciting thing is the release of a booklet I have written on discipleship, called The Four Responsibilities of a Disciple. I feel it is a tangible "walk away" that will help both people who attend the meetings retain their understanding of these concepts, as well as get these principles into the hands of those who are not able to attend a meeting. It's a stripped-down version of my full book which, God-willing, I hope to eventually finish. 

Lastly, we have had an overwhelming number of people reach out to us with encouragement and support for our trip. We are very thankful to each and every one of you!

Please continue to be in prayer for this coming week.