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I’m about to introduce you to five books that have changed my life and hopefully will change yours as well. These books are some of the very first books I ever read that helped me discover not only the Jewishness of Jesus and the New Testament, but also why knowing about this is important. Stick around and I’ll share these five resources with you, along with links to where you can pick up copies for yourself.

As you may know, I’ve been practicing Messianic Judaism for over two decades. But when I first started learning to see the Scriptures through Jewish lenses, I couldn’t immediately jump into Rabinic writings and have any kind of understanding or appreciation for it. I had to slowly build a new hashkafah ("worldview" or "paradigm"). It’s difficult to know where to start learning about the Jewish Jesus, a devoutly religious Jew who not only loved the Torah, but lived it out as well. I was blessed to have some incredible experiences that influenced my thinking and helped me forge my own path of discovery, and I would like to help you with your own journey.

This is the first in a series I will be creating in order to help people like you who may be trying to find resources that will help you grow in your understanding of Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah of Israel. I want to help guide you in your journey by exposing you to some of the resources that were valuable for me in my own journey. As of right now, I plan to recommend five books post, giving a brief overview of each book and why I think they’re important. I’ll be starting at an introductory level and slowly going into deeper, more scholarly works that need an extensive knowledge of the Jewish setting of the New Testament in order to appreciate. 



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